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Restoring Market Leadership and Boosting Sales: A European Extrusion Equipment and Tooling Success Story

One successful example of how our strategic approach can make a significant impact on your business.

Our mission was clear: reverse the declining sales trend in North America and reclaim our client’s position as the market leader. It was evident that the company and its product line needed to adapt to ensure consistent and stable growth. We embarked on a journey that involved crafting and executing a new strategic plan, resulting in our client regaining their coveted market leader status.

Our accomplishments were remarkable:

  • Achieved a staggering 10x increase in sales.
  • Successfully acquired a US-based tool shop, enhancing the client’s ability to provide local product servicing and domestic product showcases.
  • Earned the trust and business of North America's largest profile manufacturer.
  • Transformed their sales force into a dynamic team focused on delivering technical expertise and value-driven solutions.

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