Curtis Plastics Associates offers guidance in formulating and implementing expansion strategies via acquisitions and the establishment of joint ventures.

Curtis Plastics Associates has the experience to lead in the identification of ideal targets, advise in the evaluations of opportunities and assist in the execution/ formation process.

Two successful examples of our experience in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and joint venture (JV) strategies demonstrate how we can greatly influence your business operations.

Global Contract Manufacturer - Growth through JV

Our involvement was to collaborate with the leadership of a global contract manufacturer to execute the company's global expansion strategy. The project involved close collaboration with M&A firms, financial experts, and corporate leadership to pinpoint suitable joint venture (JV) partners and to help facilitate agreement negotiations. The successful JV endeavors spanned North America, South America, and Eastern Europe.

Upon successful formations, our involvement included JV team development, the creation of new JV financial plans and leading startup initiatives to ensure schedules and budgets were achieved.

Continued engagement included remote senior operational leadership.

European PVC profile technology Company –Growth through Acquisition

Our client sought to increase their presence in the US, primarily for sales and service of their tooling and downstream equipment. Furthermore, they aimed to create a platform for showcasing equipment and conducting customer trials. The objective was clear: either start from scratch (greenfield) or pursue an acquisition strategy.

The project included studying markets, assessing customer needs, and finding a suitable company for acquisition. This company had to meet the client's goals, enhance technology for global sales, and open new opportunities in equipment markets.

Following an exhaustive analysis comparing greenfield and acquisition approaches, the decision was made, and a successful acquisition was executed. A Minnesota-based firm that perfectly met all the client's objectives, was acquired.

Continued engagement included operational and business development/ strategic development services.

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